Facility Management

The objective behind the starting of the facility management services is to bring together of all services under one umbrella, managed by technically qualified professionals, with expertise in sectors they have been serving for a number of years. We deliver affordable facility management services according to high standards of quality. Our guiding values of Simplicity, Openness and Responsibility are reflected throughout our operations. We believe all customers are different, so just one model will not suit everyone. Therefore, we always tailor our service solutions, customer-specific, taking into account the individual requests and needs. In reality, we are doing nothing new. What is new is how we do it.

Our Services

  • Complete installation of Cabling Network
  • Lighting fixtures installation/replacement
  • Electric sockets installation/replacement
  • Electrical network trouble shooting and repair
  • Distribution board installation/repair with Circuit breaker installation and/or replacement
  • Installation of power backup system (UPS)
  • Installation/replacement/servicing of fans (Ceiling/Bracket/Exhaust)
  • LCD/LED TV and another electrical appliance installation
  • Installation and repair of piping 
  • Installation and repair of Sewerage network
  • Bathroom fittings installation and replacement
  • Water tank cleaning/installation/replacement
  • Pressure pump and water motor installation/replacement/servicing
  • Natural Gas network installation/trouble shooting/repair
  • Gas appliances installation
  • Civil maintenance (plaster works and new partition installation)
  • Wall paper installation/replacement
  • Glass works (Window Glass/doors)
  • Floor tiles replacement
  • Carpet tiles installation/replacement
  •  Installation of accessories (shelves/wall hangings)
  • Interior paint and Surface preparation
  • Exterior Paint
  • Deco Paint
  •  Enamel Paint for wood and Metal
  • Special Decorative paint (e.g. Memento)
  • Paint repair work
  • Polish for furniture and wooden fixture

BBFM offers the best carpenters to ensure the furniture stays as good as new. Our carpenters are highly qualified and experience that can handle all your required service, installation, maintenance and repair projects. Our Carpentry Services offer wide range of wood work services. we are committed to friendly services, quality work, and guarantee to be secure and cost effective.

  • False Ceiling
  • Door and Window Blinds
  • Wallpapers
  • Surface Texture
  • Sun Control Film
  • Floor Service

BBFM provides customized and optimized interior design services for your home and office. Our interior design team at BBFM delivers spaces that empower the client with enhanced comfort, increased performance, added flexibility and improved health.

BBFM is dedicated to provide the best quality services in landscaping. We are known for being a business that understands the needs of our clients and we work closely with our customers to deliver exactly what they have in mind. Our designs can be simple or as complex, incorporating various aspects of softscape and hardscape:

  • Stonework / pavers
  • Aquatic features including fountains and ponds
  • Wall decoration
  • Terrace Decor
  • Garden Management & Decor 
  • Landscape lighting
  • Installation/replacement of Split air conditioners
  • Servicing and gas refilling
  • Trouble shooting and minor repair
  • Cooling load calculation for new a/c installation
  • Periodic maintenance (filter cleaning, Outdoor unit service)
  • Periodic maintenance (Oil/filter replacement etc.)
  • New installation
  • ATS Panel Installation
  • Trouble Shooting & Repair
  • Installation & maintenance of CCTV Cameras

Installation of electric fence system consists of electric wire carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal shock to an intruder tempering with the fence results in an alarm activation.